Zip 2000

Zip 2000 at Sun City is the world’s original extreme Zip Slide. For over six years it held the title of the world’s longest, highest and fastest zip slide. With an average speed of 120 km/h over two kilometres and reaching speeds up to 160km/h. It is still one of the world’s longest zip slides. There is a higher zip slide in Alaska, there’s a longer zip slide in South America. But to get the total thrill of speed, distance and varying heights above ground Zip 2000 is the ultimate and original experience.

Zip 2000 has been in operation since 2004 at Sun City, South Africa’s kingdom of pleasure. The Zip 2000 has an impeccable safety record. The Zip 2000 was designed and constructed by Tim Dawson, CEO of UNREAL the company.

The world’s Fastest Zip Slide

Speeds up to 160 k/h (100 mph) with an average speed of 120 k/h (75 mph)

Highest ever recorded speed 185k/h

2 kilometres of adrenaline filled fun

Operating since 2004 with a 100% safety record

Operating inside the famous Sun City complex

Unlike many other adventure activities, this experience is open to young ones from the age of 12, making it a fun activity for the whole family. (So far, the oldest person to go down the slide has been a Scottish lady of 84!). The Zip 2000 brings something extraordinary, outrageous and fun to anyone seeking some action and adventure in a truly unique and unforgettable way. The Zip 2000 is more agreeable to some people than say the activity of Bungy-jumping, because there is no “free fall” and no ‘jerk’ involved. “It is a flying feeling not a falling feeling”

The Zip2000 can and has also been used for marriage proposals, birthday or anniversary gifts and used as part of a team building packages for corporate groups visiting Sun City.

The team that built the Zip 2000 zip slide also built the rope bridge and the Maze of the Lost City, a fun adventure for all located close to the Sun City Entertainment Area.

Operating Hours

Booking is essential.
Departures to the zip slide are every two hours, every day except Mondays.
Tours leave the Welcome Centre at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00.
There is only room on the tours for 16 people – 10-12 sliders and 4-6 spectators.


R640 per person.

Spectator fee R100 per person. You are transported to the start of the Zip 2000 is on the top of a koppie, 5-minutes from Sun City.

Zipline Sun City (Zip 2000)